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Newport Beach Media produce videos, virtual tours, architectural and aerial photography in Orange County, California

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Newport Beach Media is Orange County, California's premier solution for photography, videography and virtual tours including aerial photography. Our experienced team of FAA Part 107 licensed and insured drone pilots have a perfect safety record. We offer video production solutions including the marketing of luxury properties and resorts in Orange County, California at reasonable prices. Visit our real estate portfolio and contact us for a quote!


Our team videographers and aerial  photographers produce more than just run-of-the-mill videos, we bring content to life by captivating story telling. We create a unique, unforgettable visual experience. From the first to the last frame, we build an experience to engage viewers.


Whether you need a brief aerial video for social media or a cinematic short film for our team of drone photographers and videographers is scalable to meet your unique needs. We craft the story, taking potential clients down the right path at the right moment. Contact us today If you're looking for talented aerial videographer or aerial photographer near you in Orange County, California.

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